Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review #1: Brunswick: Potted Meat with Crackers

Odor:  Brunswick Potted Meat with Crackers has a bouquet containing traces of cat-food, tin, industrial plastics, sweat, (and corned beef???).

Texture: A paradox wrapped within a contradiction both strongly mucus like yet unable to fall off the spoon.

Taste: Corned beef and raw poultry form an unhappy marriage within this fine meat slop.  Under the surface notes of meat one detects flavors of paprika and various forms of radioactive, and non-radioactive metals.

Pairs well with: rotgut poitin, not the crackers that this was served with.

Could be used for: Considering the wet sand quality of this product my first guess would be that it one could make a sandcastle out of it.  Further meditation suggests the combination of the grainy texture and the sodium nitrate could produce a workable discount facial scrub.

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